BHT250 and MBT45 – Customer: Gold Coast City Marina – QLD, Australia

Ascom / AerLift delivered two machines to the Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM) facility located in Coomera on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Arriving in 8 x 40’ open top containers, the assembly, testing, and commissioning project, took 4 weeks.

The BHT250 boat hoist has an industry leading “fore/aft” dual wheel arrangement, at each corner (as opposed to the more common twin “side by side” wheel arrangement). This configuration was critical in this application, to ensure the overall width of the new BHT250 as well as the ground pressure, would not exceed those of the old 150t unit that was being replaced. The custom wheel assembly solution developed by the Ascom technical office in Bologna, met those requirements. As a result, the new BHT250 operates safely on the existing peers, on the existing hardstand area, and in the existing boat halls.

The MBT45 motorized boat trailer, ordered and delivered at the same time, is a very valuable addition to the fleet at GCCM. This little trailer can handle the vast majority of the vessels that are routinely serviced at GCCM. The trailer receives the vessel form the boat hoist and then carries the vessel to the intended location anywhere in the facility. This leaves the boat hoist free to launch or retrieve other vessels.

More importantly, the MBT45 sits under the vessel and therefore within its beam width. This allows the vessel to be located much closer to the vessel next to it, thereby significantly increasing the usable floor space on the hardstand. The MBT45 can also be used to park two vessels side by side inside the existing boat halls. Previously, these boat halls could only ever accommodate one vessel (regardless of size) when it was being positioned by the boat hoist.

Ascom machines have many market leading features. One of the most critical is the remote control operation. This feature, generally optional on other machines, allows for the units to be operated safely by one trained operator who is free to walk around the machine and have an unobstructed view during critical manoeuvres.

The above is only a brief outline of this successful project. We invite you to contact us to discuss any aspect of the above.

Ascom and AerLift look forward to assisting you with your specialist lifting and handling requirements for Marine, Industrial, Concrete Construction, Tunnelling and Mining.

BHT250 and MBT45 – Customer: Gold Coast City Marina – QLD, Australia
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