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Aerlift Australia (a registered trading name of Gineico Queensland Pty Ltd) is the exclusive agent in Australasia for the full range of the ASCOM SpA and ABI Trailers S.R.L., Specialist Lifting Equipment, and facilitates the sale, assembly, load-testing, commissioning and the servicing of the specialist lifting equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Significant recent sales to leading Australian companies such as Leighton/Thiess, NSW, Sydney City Marine, NSW, RCR Mining Technologies, WA, and Cape Jaffa Developments, SA, ranged through 200t and 400t Hydraulic Lift Trailers to 50t Boat Hoists, 110t Concrete Segment Straddle Carrier and a 130t Straddle Carrier to manage the lift and transportation of specialist mining process plant through its various manufacturing processes.

All of the above equipment is highly successfully remote-control operated through the AUTEC electronic operating management systems.

Currently we are developing supply potentials and considerations which range from a 50t Amphibious Boat Hoist through to a 1,000t Boat Hoist.
We have also developed a specialist 60t Mining Equipment Maintenance System, a stand-alone Gantry to offer to Owner-Contractors to service OTR Mining Trucks and Excavators on remote mining sites.

The ASCOM SpA and ABI Trailer specialist lifting equipment brand enjoys the highest reputation for dependability and acceptance globally, and operates in extreme temperatures ranging from minus -40 Celsius in Alaska to plus +40 Celsius in Western Australia.

AerLift Australia looks forward to collaborating with you and to identifying the solution to your specialist lifting needs.


Tendering, supply and assembly of machines for the marine, civil construction and mining service



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