ASCOM has been producing boat hoists and boat trailers in Italy since 1972. An ISO9001: 2008 certified manufacturer, Ascom and it’s specialist ABI Trailers division, have nearly 1000 machines around the world, and the original 50t boat hist they built is still in operation today!

The Ascom / ABI Trailer technical office in Italy is highly experienced. AerLift Australia works closely with you and the technical office in Italy to specify, design and deliver custom machines that adapt to your specific requirements. Not the other way round…

Customizable dimensions – Variable Width by hydraulics – Variable wheelbase by hydraulics – Radio Remote Control – Different shaped transverse bars to support the keel – Different shaped forks to handle boat cradles – Special shaped side beams to handle boat cradles.

Submersible Towed Boat Trailers on tyres (model KT) for marinas and boatyards for the on-land handling of a wide range of vessels.
The hydraulic power is supplied to the Trailer by a tractor.

Lifting Capacity: from 12t. – Designed for both power boat and keel boat use – Variable width – Four wheel steering-Radio-controlled operation.

Amphibious Self Propelled Trailer
Submersible motorised trailers for marinas and boatyards with ramp access. Ideal for catamarans and monohulls alike. Fast, safe and efficient haulout and positioning of boats anywhere on the hardstand.

Lifting Capacity: 25t to 140t, 150t to400t, 460t to 1200t.

Operate directly on the existing slipway when the dock is not available.

Let us show you how a custom-built Ascom hoist, boat trailer or amphibious machine can be designed to suit your existing infrastructure. Our existing customers can confirm that our machines deliver significantly increased operational efficiencies and increased lifting capacity, without the need for expensive modifications to your existing piers, hardstand or refit halls.


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  • These trailers are designed in a simple “U” shape, to be able to go under the boat hull, put the supports with rubber covered pads in contact with the hull and then lift the whole trailer, allowing the operator to remove the fixed supports on the ground and relocate the vessel. These trailers are designed to operate on the hardstand area and are not amphibious. They are designed to be towed by any other suitably sized machine available at the facility. The trailers are fitted with independent hydraulic power packs to lift the trailer and have an extendable tow-bar for easy towing.

  • Just like the non-amphibious versions, these trailers are designed in a simple “U” shape, to be able to go under the boat hull, put the supports with rubber covered pads in contact with the hull and then lift the whole trailer. The range of movement is greater than the standard towed trailer allowing for the vessels to be lifted and carried up the ramp and out of the water. Available in a range of sizes and solutions, these trailers are versatile and ideal for us eon existing slipway facilities.

  • Motorised Boat Trailer MBT are available for yard use or for road use. These trailers are truly versatile. Available in a range of sizes starting form 12t capacity and designed for both power boat and keel boat use. The low profile and compact nature of these machines offer the operators the ability to greatly increase the capacity of existing hardstand areas as well as reducing the size of work sheds required to house the vessels during construction or refits. Features include variable width, four wheel steering, radio-controlled operation.

  • BHT For launching and dry docking operations. BHT Boat Hoists are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Loading capacities up to 1000t and more. Digital load repeaters, four wheel steering, radio controlled operation are all features designed to maximise safety, speed of operation and efficiency, to improve your bottom line.

  • ATS is the amphibious version of the BHT boat Hoist. The ATS is conceived for use on existing slipways when local Authorities or the business plan does not allow the construction of new finger piers. Ascom is the world leader in this specific field with the biggest know-how on this highly specialised lifting equipment and a large number of international references.